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The art denim test

All I wanted was a pad of canvas sheets so I could practice some brush strokes.

I figured, hop in the van and head downtown to my favourite art store and bingo, Bob's ya uncle. All I had to do was help the family move some furniture and then I can get the sheets.

I have a van, you know. Okay, van’s loaded and I'm ready to roll when a nice lady pulls up beside me and points to the side of my vehicle. I get out and she says, “You have a flat.” Great. I have a flat and no spare. So I get me darlin' wife to call a tow truck and a friend to come and pick me up. The tow truck arrives, the friend arrives and the truck heads off with the lame van. I figure as long as I've got transportation, I'll do some quick grocery shopping on the way home. So I spend a bit of time shopping and then head home. I get there just as the driver is still dropping the van. What has taken him so long? Seems he couldn't find the place, even though we have an address sign out on the front lawn. And it seems he doesn't know how to back up a vehicle in a straight line. My van is at an angle up against the concrete retaining wall. Genius. After Captain TowTruck left I thought okay, I'll get on my bike and go over to the art store at the mall and get some sheets there. Guess what I found out when I got there? Wrong mall. There was a clothing store with a very similar name to the art store. What to do now? Well, I've got plenty of scrap cloth and a can of Gesso. Not the greatest cloth in the world, but I can't be fussy. Going through my box of scraps, I find pant legs from old blue jeans. The butts had worn out, but the legs still had some good cloth left to them. And the denim in work jeans is pretty heavy duty. I cut out some 9” x 12” pieces, stapled them to a hunk of plywood and layered on a pile of Gesso. And you know what? It worked. Sometimes you have to get creative to get creative. Here’s an oil sketch in progress. Notice the seam down the left side.

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