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A Return to Sheet Steel Sculpture

So my artistic production has once again come to a screeching halt. I wish I could say I've been suntanning on a remote beach somewhere but I'm afraid that's not the case. I've had several ideas dancing around in my head about where I want to take my return to sculpture and I've finally settled on sheet steel work. This was what I started with back in '72. I enjoyed it then so I'm looking forward to giving it a try once more. However, and a big however it is, all my tools and equipment are geared towards bronze casting so now I have to convert as much as I can to sheet metal work and beg, borrow, buy or make all the rest. And making is figuring quite heavily here. Not that I don't like doing that. It's just that it's my total focus right now. I had started a painting, well, if three pencil lines on a panel count as a start. And there it sits in the painting studio, untouched. When, I've got the metal shop up and running then I'll put some time into painting. But the shop set up is coming along. I've made a hydraulic press for forming the metal. Bought a bunch of steel and I'm finally learning how to use my TIG welder. And

I've spent a ton of time designing and making various tools that I'll need to make sheet steel

sculpture. I have to be careful at this point. It's not completely ready to go but I'm getting antsy so

actually make something and this is usually where I jump the gun and start working without being totally ready. And as a result, make more of a disaster than a work of art. So I shall be patient and continue to set the shop up and do that there sculpture thing when it's the right time.

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