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New feelings about painting

What a weird feeling. I've only been painting seriously for the past few months and already I've sold two pieces. And people really like my work. Considering how long I've tried to sell my three-dimensional work, and failed miserably, this is new territory to me. And I'm really focused on my work. I'm enjoying every minute of it and it's going amazingly easy.

I'm accomplishing things at a terrific rate. I don't feel like I'm running out of steam and I know I'm just going to get better at what I do. I had a strange sensation earlier today, like I was on the right path so completely it was like walking down a narrow hallway. There was no other way to go, this was exactly where I should be.

I'm experiencing those feelings that successful artists talk about, about being in the flow, losing track of time, knowing what to do and having things work out exactly the way they should.

For me, this is a totally different sensation. Now I have to learn to just let it go and place no expectations on all of this. It's the joy of creating my artwork that's doing all of this so I need to forget all the other stuff and just keep having fun making art.

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