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Mostly, I don't have the time to sit down and write out something amazingly profound, but I do have a couple of minutes to jot down what I'm up to. That's what this is about. The most recent is at the top. 

August 12, 2017

Seriously?  It’s been three months since I blogged?  Gawd, what a twit.  Ok, I’ve been told I don’t have to write a novel here so I try and do the short and sweet version of blogging, just do it more often.  So here it goes, I’ve been making art all this time. The End. Hmmm, maybe a little too short, perhaps I should flesh it out a bit. To generalize, I’ve been in some shows, mostly for painting, had some sales. No new sculpture I’m still working on the same piece I was the last time I wrote but it’s coming along. I’ll post a photo of it in Works In Progress. This really is a learning curve, I’ve learned not to do work quite so complicated.  But at least I’m learning.  It’s a sunny summer so I like to go out about once a week to get reference photos. Although the last ten days have been socked in with smoke from the forest fires in the interior of the province. Just enough to make the light hazy.  Sort of took the day off today,  felt guilty about the state of the kitchen so I went on a cleaning bee and got it in order again.  Then worked on my sculpture, looking for pin holes in my welding and studied some painting technique information. It’s always good to get an art fix every day.  Found a good course on Spanish Guitar, fairly easy so far and nice and relaxing. There, finally got something written.

Wednesday, May 28, 2017

            Ok, looks like it’s been a while since I wrote anything.  I get into that headspace where I think; if it’s not brilliant it’s not worth publishing. And as a result I don’t publish a lot.  But I have been busy.

            Top of the list is I had a sculpture of mine accepted into the Oak Bay Arts Alive competition. It’s an organic form, based on seedpods and a flower bud.  Four feet high, with the stand it’s a bit over six feet high and made of polished sheet steel. It was definitely a steep learning curve for me as had to learn how to hand shape the pieces and get them to fit together properly.  But it’s done and I’m happy with it.  If you're in Oak Bay, it's located around 2250 Oak Bay Avenue. The official website is:  It seems they haven't updated their website about the program yet.  

       Now, unfortunately I didn’t learn my lesson with that piece and the piece I’m working on now is even more complicated.  Lots of shaping and fitting. And I’m not that pleased with it now that I’m seeing it in full size. Looked good as a model but not that great now.  However, I’m going to keep going on it to get the experience. It’s good training. But the next piece after that , is going to be a lot less complicated.  KEEP IT SIMPLE.  I don’t know how long it’s going to take to finish the current work but it’ll probably be a few months anyway. It’ll give me a chance to work on some finishing ideas.

            I’m also taking some online painting lessons,  another lesson in keeping it simple. Before I started the lessons I’d just finished a large scenic painting and that took ages to finish. I wasn’t happy with it either so I went online to see if there were any videos on painting clouds because I felt maybe some majestic clouds in the background would help and I found some lessons and the clouds helped.  Now I’m doing a third painting with clouds and the beauty of it is, they’re all small sizes. Around two square feet. As opposed to six square feet.  A little easier to handle.  I always seem to bite off more than I can chew.  I need to stop trying to leap into the unknown but take my time getting there. Smaller increments.

            Another artistic endeavor I’m doing is taking up the guitar again. I quit about twenty five years ago and took up keyboard instruments but a few months ago I got bored with them so I picked up a nice classical guitar and I’ve been playing that instead.  Some stuff I still remember and I’m learning all kinds of new.  But it’s said that learning music is a great way to keep the brain going. And I’m having fun with it. 

            There, I think I’ve caught up with the artistic end of things and if anything new happens, I’ll let you know.   R.

November 26, 2016.       Well that's a bugger.   It's been a month since I last entered anything into the journal. But I can say I've been busy, I've entered three paintings into the Small Gems show at 636 Fort Street here in Victoria, and I also submitted a sculpture in an upcoming show in Castlegar, BC. That won't be happening until May of 2017 and while that seems like a long time away I'm sure time will quickly fly by. There's updated photos of the sculpture and two paintings I'm working on in the Work in Progress page.  I bought yet another tool, a drill press. Works well, does what I want it to do. Me darlin' wife is concerned I' going to run out of space pretty soon in the sculpture studio. Could be. Think I'll buy a belt sander. 


Friday, October 28

    Had to do some "real" work today but I did manage to get out and buy some nice drill bits. Other than that I've kept working on my paintings, I started on the underpainting of a full size painting, The House by Phyllis Park.  It's in landscape format 30" x 40". It's an oil on panel. I'd say this week was pretty good all the way around. 

Tuesday, October 25  

    Got to do some shaping on panel number four and I posted some photos of it in Work in Progress. Shows how I kind of know where to smack with the hammer.  I made a hammer head to incise grooves in the steel but it wasn't strong enough to work with my air hammer. It did a nice job as long as it lasted though.  I'm going to make and even stronger one.  You learn as you go.  And there's an update on Tools of the Trade  on the Work in Progress page as well. 


 Monday, October 24

    Well good for me, a decently productive day. I spent the afternoon working on the fourth panel of my sculpture and refined my technique a bit. Learned something to do and something not to do. And I washed a piece of carpet. Why? Because my power hammer makes a hell of a racket when it's pounding on the sheet steel so I've got a piece of carpet to muffle the noise a bit. It had been out in the shed for some time and was filthy.  Then in the evening I worked on my second still life, "Tools of the Trade" [my trade] doing it mostly in monochrome. It's posted in Work in Progress That one is coming along a bit better. But all in all, a pretty good day. 

          Sunday, October 23

    Another week starts. I've spent most of last week making sculpture tools instead of actually making sculpture. I'm making hammer heads for my air hammer so I can use it to shape the sheet metal. This will save me a lot of time from having to hand pound the steel into shape. And I'm finding I have greater control over the shaping. I've got the basic shaping started on three of the four panels now, I'll tackle the fourth one tomorrow.  Pictures in Work in Progress.  I've started painting one of the two still lifes, it looks pretty abysmal. But at this point I'm just laying in the underpainting and I know I've got to give it time. Hopefully it'll come around. A photo of it in Work in Progress  as well. 


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